Pouring & Curing of Concrete in the winter

Northern climates such as Canadian or climates with temperatures dropping below freezing marks, require more attention when working with concrete. Whether pouring concrete, laying blocks & stones or working with cement in temperatures below 4oC, certain procedures must be followed to ensure concrete cures right. Curing plays one of the most critical roles in developing [...]

Moving Forward!

Got our first plaque from Landscape Ontario! www.gtalandscaping.com

Another back yard makeover

See us live at 10 AM today on the Marilyn Denis show. CTV Channel. Another backyard makeover for a lucky homeowner.

New back yard makeover on Marilyn Denis show coming!

We will be doing another project for the Marilyn Denis show in downtown Toronto this coming week. Will be filming another episode of the back yard makeover. Should be lots of fun! Stay tuned! If you have missed the last episode make sure you see it in our videos section or on the Marilyn Denis [...]